Eye Catchers Art

This is my story

I have always known I had to be an artist. It wasn’t so much a talent I was born with but a necessity I had to evolve into. My mother is also an artist, but I believe its a cultivated skill not a genetic blessing. Which is also why I love hosting the painting classes for beginner painters or people who label themselves as inartistic. I truly believe if you have a passion for something you can create great things with time. Time helps 🙂 Try and fail. Try again. Fail more. Keep trying. Its fascinating but after you master how to fix the failures you are officially a master artist. Its not about being great or perfect. Its about being really skilled at getting back up and fixing your mistakes.
I love creating messy works with texture paste and bright colors. I quit trying to make perfect paintings a long time ago and decided if it wasn’t fun then why do it, So now my favorite art is the bold flawed and messy types. The honest art. The art that shows you the person is chaos and they had fun creating the artwork among the drama. Life isn’t perfect. It is messy and difficult to understand. I am in love with art that screams the truth.
“Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.”
– Scott Adams