My Birthday Wish

30 x 40 Gallery Canvas

“I wish for a new swing set”

My swing set swings too inconsistent. Sometimes it works normal. And no one understands why I complain about my swing-set because it appears to run just fine when they are present. But isn’t that how it goes? The car quits making the noise the second you take it to the mechanic. Only to start back up as soon as you leave. Broken things wanna be broken I guess. And they hide when you go about finding solutions.
But then when your alone again they resurface.
My swing set swings from one extreme to another. I cannot find the perfect balance for very long at all. It’s either impossibly heavy to move myself or gain momentum or it’s a reckless kind of chaos. A swaying that’s dangerous for me and anyone in my path. And although the highs are thrilling I’m terrified of when the swing slows.
It looks fun to those around me. It’s deceiving in that way. It’s painted up and decorated. So people assume it’s a fine sway. Isn’t it funny how people make so many assumptions of things that look a certain way.
But this swing set has some issues. It won’t keep going on this way.
So this year I wish for a new swing set.
These highs and lows have got to go. I need some balance to come and to stay.