The Flirt

48 x 60 Gallery Wrapped Canvas

“The Flirt” “You were smiling and flirting with me”
Apparently a smile is an invitation. My smile tells them I want them. My smile tells them they are entitled. Entitled to touch me. Because I was smiling I wanted them physically. And when my actions and words speak otherwise they’ll IGNORE me because before I was smiling. The smile gives permission. It invited them in and said I wanted them. And when my hands reposition theirs they will laugh with a smile and say “you’re too much”. We will wrestle in flirtation. It’s ok because we are smiling to hide our embarrassment. He will be embarrassed I’m fighting him off. I’ll be embarrassed I put myself in yet another jeopardizing position.
Did I go on a date? Or is this the worlds most polite assault?
If I reject him he won’t give me a chance to even see if he likes me. If I allow his aggressive lack of discipline will I even like him anymore?
No one wants a loose woman.
No one likes a prude.
Sexuality is your power.
Having sex labels you promiscuous. .
You were smiling. You were flirting. You don’t mean what you say. You just play the nice girl routine. Because for some reason he feels entitled to your power. He feels entitled to your value. -You shouldn’t smile so much. You’re giving them the wrong idea. -This is your fault. -You were flirting and invited his hands with your company. -But your also too picky. -You have bad taste in men. -And your standards are too high. -Don’t be in a room alone with a man. -Don’t be so guarded. -Don’t be so quick to judge. -Don’t be so trusting. -Don’t be completely yourself right off the bat. -Honesty is important. -That’s a little too honest. -Always be yourself.