The Kindest Aggression

30 x 48 Gallery Canvas

”The Kindest Aggression”

Confuse her gentle mind.
Although she is grown she knows not what she wants. She’s unsure. Her words hold little substance. They are static to you.
You be the leader. Lead her to believe that this is about her and not you. Lead her to believe you are sincere. 
Whisper in her ear with weightless truths. Truths you could tell anyone. Truths that are easily spoken by you to many. The truths that are the used to corrode her and countless others. Chisel away at her self control with your boyish agenda. Her mind is so gentle. Weigh her down with your heavy impatience.
But kindly. Like the way you lure prey into a trap with their favorite foods. She’s just a mouse and your shallow words are the cheese.
It’s not wrong as long as you are charming. It’s not aggressive if no one is kicking and screaming.
Isn’t she lucky you found her appealing.
She should be flattered.
You showed her the kindest aggression.


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