Western Lake Girl

36 x 36 gallery wrapped canvas

“A Reflection of you”
Here I am as a reflection.
Let me reflect your arrogance.
Let me reflect your cleverness. Aren’t you smart. Aren’t you attractive. Let me reflect what you love about yourself.
Did you want to see me? Oh no silly me! I am just here for a reflection of your own self infatuation. Don’t I have a pretty smile. Don’t you feel you deserve an ornament with a pretty smile. After all I am just a reflection of you and your entitlement. Don’t worry I will reflect for you. Like an ornament on a tree I can be the mirror surface. Be prepared for this reflection.
I’m not the glittery ornament. I’m not shiny and brand new.
This ornament is shattered. Stitched together with strong glue. Good luck seeing anything through all the repairs I’ve had to do.
Good luck loving what I reflect.
Because this ornament doesn’t have room between the glue to reflect the superficial.
What I reflect is character.
So tell me. Do you still love you?